The Bower Family History

The first Bowers/Bauers to come to America were Georg Conrad Bauer with his wife Anna Otilla Schneider, Parents of Valentine, and Valentine Bower and his wife Anna Margarette Hoh.  They arrived in America with their two daughters, Margaret and Catharine, in the fall of 1831, and settled in Hillsboro, Highland County, Ohio.  The left Hoheinoh, Germany on 22 July 1831.  We have not determined yet how they got to America (which ship) or which route they took.  They probably traveled with other family members, but this has not been verified by any public record.  The Bauer and Hoh genealogy has been traced back several more generations in Germany as can be seen on the Family Tree page.


Valentine Bower appears in the Ohio federal census in 1840 with a total of seven people living in the household and in 1850 with five children.  In 1843 he sold some land in Dodsonville, OH, and in 1843, 1846 and 1849 he purchased land in Hillsboro, OH.  While living in Ohio their daughter Margaret married DeWitt Clinton Johnston 1845.


While living in Ohio, Valentine and Margarette had five more children; Adam J in 1833, Mary Alice in 1836, Elizabeth E. in 1839, William E. in 1842, and Mollie in 1854.  They moved to Schuyler County, Illinois in 1856 along with Margaret and DeWitt Johnston.  In Illinois Adam J. Bower met Adaline Dupuy and married her in 1862. 


On Oct 7th of 1862 Adam joined the Army of the Republic at Quincy, IL; he became a Second Lieutenant of Company 6 of the 119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry.  He served until August 26, 1865 at which time he was a First Lieutenant and was mustered out at Mobile, Alabama.  Between 1862 and 1882 the Adam Bower family moved around quite a bit as can be seen from the birth dates and birthplaces of their six children:

DeWitt Clinton              Schuyler County, IL                  April 1864

Clifford Dupuy              Alabama                                  Aug 1866

Henry Arthur                 Pleasantview, IL                       Mar 1869

Charles Harold             Ohio                                         Feb 1871

Alice Grace                  Kansas                                    Dec 1878

George                        Kansas                                    Sept 1881


The whole family moved to Kansas in about 1879 in an area round Delphos, Ottawa County.  Henry and Harry (Charles Harold) Bower are listed in the Delphos High School graduating class of 1889 and George is listed in the graduating class of 1898.  Harry Bower owned a jewelry store there, which was destroyed in the fire of 1893.  He continued to live in that area until his death in 1932.  In fact Charles S. Bower visited his farm near Minneapolis, KS in the late 1920s.


Clifford and Henry Bower

Clifford and Henry Bower took part in the Cherokee Run in Sept 17th 1893 in Oklahoma and along with John Floyd and A. J. Decker staked claims to the four quarter-sections that now make up the one square mile that is Fairview, Oklahoma.  Adam Bower joined them shortly after they staked their claims.  Henry Bower and his father, Adam, moved on the claim Henry had staked out when he first arrived on that September evening.  They built a sod house in the fertile valley fringed by blackjack oak and dense thickets.  This was the first house in miles.  The quarter section they staked is the southwest corner of Main Street and Broadway.  Cedar was hauled from Cleo Springs to build a stable for their horses.  A well was dug and other permanent improvements were made.  Early on one January morning in 1894 Adam Bower walked out of his sod house and named the vicinity "Fairview". 


Clifford. Bower received the first postmaster's commission and became the government agent in charge of the mail at Fairview.  The first Post Office was located in a 12 ft. x 14 ft. box house on Mr. Bower's claim.    He went three times a week to Homestead, south of Fairview, where he met the government mail carriers who arrived there about 8 p.m. Mr. Bower then carried the mail the twelve miles back on horseback.  On October 1, 1894, the government gave Fairview a Post Office and mail was carried by Star Route in a cart or spring wagon.  Fairview was now officially a federally approved establishment.


Adam and his son, Henry, put a store in the building that housed the post office. It was called Bower Brother's Store.  At first groceries and hardware were handled, then in 1895 additions were made to the building and shoes were sold and then a little later dry goods were added.  The Bower Brothers' Store was the beginning of a trading center at Fairview. Clifford kept the post office and his brother Henry and father Adam, kept the new store.  Clifford continued to serve as postmaster but saw the need for supplies for the settlers, so he opened the first furniture store in Fairview in 1896.


In 1910 Henry purchased an interest in the Farmers and Merchants National Bank and served as the bank's president for thirty-six years.  Untiring in his work, his deeds and good name spread into other states.  His ability and energy found their main outlet in civic work and building good roads, though he still had time for his family and home and the raising of fine gladiolus and dahlias.


DeWitt C. Bower became a banker in Delphos, and met and married Daisy Gertrude Clendinen on November 26th, 1890.  Daisy graduated from high school in Delphos in 1886, and was the daughter of William H. Clendinen the founder of the firm of

DeWitt Clinton

Clendinen & Son, were dealers in a general line of hardware, stoves, tin-ware and farm implements. The Clendinens began trade in February 1880. Erected their store in the winter of 1879-'80, the size of which was 22 x 70 feet, two stories high, at a cost of $1,800.  Mr. Clendinen was one of the founders of Delphos
and a member of the first City Council in 1884.


DeWitt and Daisy had two children both born in Delphos; Kenneth DeWitt and Esther Gertrude.  The family moved to Kansas City Kansas in 1898, where DeWitt operated Bower Grain Commission Company in the Kansas Board of
Trade Building.  DeWitt died in Jan 1910 at the age of 45 leaving a widow and two teenage children.  In the 1910 Federal Census take in April of 1910 Daisy's Mother is living with them.

Kenneth DeWitt Bower married Charlotte Ellen Smart in 1915 in Ottawa, Douglas County, Kansas, and the following year their first child Barbara was born in the same city.  Three years later, in 1919, the family is in Raton, NM where Charles Smart Bower is born.  Due to the poor health of Charlotte, the family returns to Kansas shortly after Charles birth.  In 1930 they were living in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa, WI.

In 1938 Barbara married Victor Arnold Ames on January 3rd, in Syracuse, NY, and on June 29th, 1942 Charles married Laura Mildred Ingham in Buffalo, NY.  Each couple had two children; the Ames having Judy in 1940 in Buffalo, NY and Robert Arnold in 1943 in Buffalo, NY, the Bowers having Kenneth Charles in 1943, in Buffalo, NY and Laura Lee in 1947 in Berkeley, CA.

The Charles Bower family moved to California in 1946 to live first in Richmond, then Los Altos, and then in various other cities in Northern California.  Charles was a salesman in several different jobs, and Mildred became a school teach for art and home economics, and retired from the San Jose school system after 20 years of teaching.