Our Salem Connection
and the Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trial
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As one is doing genealogy research all kind of information turns up. We all like to find the heros, but there were few of those. This connection to the Salem Witch trials, when I came across it, I was not quite sure what to do with the information. Is Mary Estey a hero or a villain? You will have to decide that for yourself. One item of interest, and I do not know what to make of it, is Rev James Sherman (1651-1718), another ancestor of ours, was also living in the Salem area during the trial. He was an acquaintance of Cotton Mather who directed the trial. Was there any connection between the Sherman family and the trial. I have found none as of yet, but I will continue searching.

I swear, I wasn't looking for this, and haven't made pieces of the puzzle "conveniently" fit.  This link came to me while doing research on the Wheeler Family and Keene, NH, and contacted another genealogist via the Internet who is a descendant of the Dwinell Family. He led me to documents which gave me the linage shown below.

For the record, here is the Bower Salem Witch trail connection:

Mary Towne Estye;* d. 1692; hung as a witch Salem, MA
Isaac Estey & Abigail Kynball m abt 1680
Aaron Estes & Esther Richards m 1723; Lyme MA
Benjamin Dwinell & Mary Estes m 1751; Topfield, MA
Hannah Dwinel & Jesse Wheeler m 1782; Keene, NH
Abraham Wheeler & Amanda Taylor m 1816.
William Victor Wheeler & Caroline Herelia Colt; 1865
Albert Eddie Piapon Sherman & Myrtle Maud Wheeler m 1891; Jamestown, NY
Arthur Ingham & Gertrude Alberta Sherman m 1916; Jamestown, NY
Chalres Smart Bower & Laura Mildred Ingham m 1942; Buffalo, NY
Kenneth Charles Bower & Susan Ann Lund m 1968; San Mateo, CA

* Hung as a witch Sept 22, 1692, Salem, MA.

Click here for a very interesting web-site about the trial or here for a biography of Mary Towne Estye..


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