Kenneth Charles Bower & Susan Ann Lund - Media
Ken, Deborah, Stephen, Abigail, Michael with Eliana & Caleb, Charity with Hannah and Sue
Ken's and Sue's Engagement , 1968
Michael, Steven & Ken S F Giants Game Aug. 2006
Sue & Ken in Napa 2006
ken reading
Caleb, Grandpa Ken, Eliana
Christmas 2007
Ken, Michael & Sarah with Sue holding Deborah.
July 2008
Lavender Farm
Ken_Sue-3 8-2008sm
Bower & Mailhot Cousins May 30 2012
Back Row: Caleb Bower, Eliana Bower, Hannah Bower, Grace Albin, Abigail Atkinson, Andrew Robertson Jr, Mary Robertson

Front Row: Joy Albin, Daisy Robinson, Luke Robertson, Naomi Bower, Promise Atkinson, Ethan Atkinson, Noria Atkinson, Rose Robertson
L-R: Charles Bower, Michael Bower with Naomi, Charity Bower with Eliana, Morris Saltekoff (Charity's Father), Hannah Bower (in front) Susan Bower & Ken Bower with Caleb Bower in front, Deborah Atkinson holding Ethan, Stephen Atkinson holding Promise with Abigail & Noria Atkinson in front, Sarah Smith and James Smith.
Sunol 1987
Michael, Susan, Sarah, Kenneth & Deborah in Front
Four Generations of Inghams & Bowers June 1986
Back Row L-R: Laura Bower, Laura Mildrid Ingham Bower, Gertrude Ingham & Kenneth C. Bower
Front L-R: Joy Mailhot, Glory Mailhot, Lacie Mailhot, Sarah Bower with Deborah Bower in lap & Michael Bower
Wolf Muntain Summer Camp 1986
Back Row: L-R Michel Bower, Kenneth Bower, Susan Lund Bower, Sarah Bower Mary Lee Todd & Doug Todd.
Frond L-R: Deborah Bower, Nancy Todd, Paul Todd & Julie Todd
Christmas 1988 in Sunol at 118 Kilkare Rd.
L-R Kenneth Bower, Sarah Bower, Deborah Bower, Michael Bower & Susan Lund Bower
with Teddy Rubskin, held by Deborah.
Deborah”s 8th Grade Graduation from Sunol Glen School, June 9th 1995.
L-R: Sarah Bower, Susan Lund Bower, Mildred Ingham Bower, Deborah Bower, Charles Bower, Kenneth Charles Bower & Michael Bower.
Our house in Sunol, California at 118 Kilkare Rd
We live here from September 1978 until September of 1999.
This house was originally single story, we add the second story.
The Little Brown Church of Sunol. This church was across the street from our house.
L-R Michel Bower, Kenneth Bower, Susan Lund Bower & Sarah Bower
In front is Deborah Bower; taken at 118 Kilkare Rd Sunol in 1982
L-R: Kenneth, Susan Sarah and Deborah abou 1992
Michael was probably at Westmont.